More Merch on the Renoise Store?

Kinda think it’d be nice if there was more merch to purchase.
Maybe designed from a crowdsourced contest.
Mousepads, stickers, pins, magnets, bandanas, guitar pics, as well as the standard shirts and hoodies.
Lot of creative folk on here and I think some good stuff could be designed.

Would be cool indeed. Few years back, there was a great Renoise skull shirt. It was a fan effort if I remember correctly. Sorry for low quality photos, couldn’t find anything with more pixels (it’s a crop of me playing at some party few years ago) :wink:

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I’d love to get something like that again!


I’ve long wanted the renoise equivalent to this Ableton shirt : 3D All Over Printed Ableton Live Shirts and Shorts –


I never thought about wearing Renoise clothes, but I could produce all the clothing stuff (except all over prints) by myself for a better price than the cheapest Spreadshirt offer. Btw, this shop doesn’t seem to be working anymore, there’s no way to put any product into the basket. Anyway, I’m looking forward to all the upcoming designs from all of you. :wink:


any chances of Price Localization? i know it’s a distant dream, but as a simple brazilian guy I can say the prices are kinda impractical for me… but oh, I’d love to film myself playing guitar with a Renoise T-shirt or hoodie for my IG videos… :stuck_out_tongue:

T-Shirts? Spreadshirt obviously doesn’t deliver to Brazil. Even Canada is not in their list. Check it here.
The price in € for a tee including standard international shipping to South America is:
Spreadshirt Europe - 32 €
Spreadshirt International - 39 €
TNT - 26 €
But of course I will never produce Renoise clothing without any licence. :slightly_smiling_face:

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wow, so the price is already localized. silly me. yeah, maybe i’ll have someone print the renoise logo in a shirt for me… if thats not a terrible attitude :thinking:

Yeah, But they need to restock the XXL :wink: suckas be waiting guys!