More mid/side functionality

It’d be great to have more mid/side functionality in Renoise. Currently I believe the only DSP to have mid/side capabilities is the Exciter, but it would be really handy to be able to isolate mid/side in EQ5 and/or EQ10, and also have the Spectrum display both these channels separately.


Yes, PLEASE for 3.1, very easy idea:

mid/side mode for eq and compressors (by changing the current button into a multi-state button “L+R, L, R, L-R, R-L, Mid, Side”).

It would also save space, if the button would only show one state at once or kind of drop down menu.

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You could also use mid/side splitters and recombiners and send channels. It’ll get a bit messy in your mix-view, though. But there are plugins, yes…I think I’ve even tried doing it with renoise native effects (gainers, panning, stereo expander), but it’s even messier then and levels need to be taken care of properly for it to work. Then you can do anything you’d like to mid and side, even fancy effects. But be aware, that certain destructing operations can mess up in unexpected ways the rather simple traditional mid/side calculation algorithms to something unwanted.

Traditional Mid/Side is real simple math, real splitting of " only center" and “real stereo side” signals isn’t as easy as mid/side. “Mid” signal is “L+R”, “Side” signal is “L-R”, recombination formula is usually ((L+R)+(L-R))/2 for left channel, and ((L+R)-(L-R))/2 for the right channel - so (Mid+Side)/2 and (Mid-Side)/2. “Mid” and “side” are mono signals.

Oops thanks. I know, but I ( and also you ) want this within Renoise natively with one click, just as in most eqs or comps. No workaround-alternative-encoder-decoder-multi-dsp-construction, please.

“Mid” signal is “L+R”, “Side” signal is “L-R”,

That’s not true in Renoise’s case. L+R is here side+mid (all). L-R should be side, but is in fact a stereo separator, where plus in L is minus in R, which is cool, but has nothing to do really with side/mid. That’s why I also suggesting R-L to easily swap sides. There is no mid/side mode currently, except for the exciter. Just for clarification.

Common standard is a sum/l/r/mid/side switch for eq and compressors and makes completely sense regarding improvements of the stereo image.