More Midi Cc's In Renoise

Hi there,

I’ve got a couple of suggestions concerning midi ccs on some of the renoise controls.
This way renoise can be controlled better remotely in a live situation. without having to grab your kbd or mouse each time.

It would be great if the following controls could be mapped remotely onto a midicontroller:

  • Renoise’s play, stop, record(/edit) buttons.
    Especially when recording live it would be great to control these using rem controllers.

  • Track on/off and mute buttons
    (ok, you can emulate it by mapping the track volume, but its not always handy, especially when you have a track volume other than 100.)

  • Song pattern editor controls like next/prev pattern.

  • Key jazz and rec note delays. (not that important, but could be handy.)

Midi controllers finally are catching up
(See Novation Remote25 series or the evolution U-Control UC-33) with softsynths and software.
Finally adding specific controls like the sequencer control and mute buttons.


there are offical start/stop midi-messages to handle this … but i agree … please please more midi abbilities ;) in renoise …

A couple of extra fields in the keyboard mapping section for MIDI buttons/notes would be a good way. Maybe not covering every case, but almost…