More Midi Control?

I was thinking of building/buying a DAW controller for Renoise, then I realised there wasn’t much point because you can’t midi-assign the play/stop, pattern position or track mute/solo buttons!

I’m thinking rename the keyboard shortcuts table in the options ‘control’ and be able to assign functions to midi as well as keys?

And yes I realise everything in Renoise can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts! But knobs, faders and light-up buttons are much more fun!

As everyone is sure to agree


Or I suppose I could just make a controller that’s a mutant hybrid between computer keyboard and mixer? A keyboard with faders? haha

There’s probably fancier out there, but it’s a start anyway.

As someone who’s getting a DJ mixer that can also send MIDI data from the knobs, sliders, & buttons. I implore & humbly beg: PLEASE LET THE MUTE & SOLO BUTTONS TOGGLE WITH NOTE DATA!!! It might also be beneficial in the Preferences to set up a third MIDI interface solely for mixer controls.

It makes the push knobs on my BCR usefull :D +1

I’m in for more advanced midi control either.
check out this topic, maybe it contains things you would like also!


I dream of using all the buttons on my Behringer BCR3000 with renoise. That would be so awesome, especially if you could also control stuff like play and record, maybe metronome as well…?

+1 from me. I would love to use the mmc controls of my akai mpd24.

more midi-control would be sweet

Still… you could use the last AKAI MPD or even a drummachine as master and thus send play and stop to renoise… right?

I was going to start a new thread about this, but I just found this one so I’ll resurrect it.

Does a list exist that shows what a MIDI controller can and can’t do with Renoise? I’m in love with Renoise 2.0 so far, and I was thinking of buying a controller, but I keep reading bits and pieces on the forum about functionality that won’t work. In this thread I see that the mute/solo buttons in the mixer can’t be mapped, but I’m not sure about other things (like transport: play, stop, etc.). Anything else that’s good to know?

Of course, I don’t mind these limitations. They just help with picking out a controller. Actually they’ll probably save me money because I can buy a controller without push buttons and transport controls. :)

Another vote for this. Make everything on Renoise interface midi mappable (well, at least as much as possible :)

no, that’s not possible (or at least it doesn’t work here…)

Count me in, and also a close, renoise registered friend of mine :)

it’s not actually that handy i find. I bought one but rarely use it. A normal keyboard is much easier to use. It’s not very efficient to have to move around between the midi-keyboard and computer-keyboard+mouse. It’s nice to assign the twiddle knobs to parameters though, and then just twiddle around. (Also, I don’t play piano, that may have to do with it)

this and midifeedback would be sweet as pie to have :dribble:

yes please… +1 !!

I tried to translate midi commands to keystrokes with the last bome midi translator beta for OSX but with no succes.

anyboby using this workaround ?

Just for fun I had a cheapo gamepad setup for play/stop and navigation using joy2key. If I remember correctly you can’t setup key combinations tho. Maybe it could give somebody a better idea?…h%20Version.htm

And I could swear I had my su700 setup to control level/mute/pan for each track. Am I crazy?

I came to the conclusion that using the keyboard was much more efficient even if it doesn’t feel as fun. :)

i know this is kinda a deviation from what the current consensus is in this thread but… even being able to use the computer keyboard to control the mixer window would be nice.

like the letters 1 Q A Z would be track one. Z would mute and A would solo. maybe 1 and Q could control fader position or a slider on an effect. then this could expand to every track with each slanted column of keys. i know this might be super difficult to program, but it would be sweet for those of us who dont have a midi controller(me).


Hey Fellow-Renoisers,

two weeks ago I got my KORG nanoKONTROL midi gear, which cannot control Renoise out of the box.

Therefore I wrote a small helper application (utilizing alsa, rtmidi, qt4, x11 xtest extension and the KORG product photos) to map nanoKONTROL buttons/sliders/knobs to Renoise keystrokes. In this way it is possible to control Renoise by Midi.

It works quite well under Linux. However it still needs some polishing and testing before it can be released to the public (as open source of course!).

Screenshots of the application and more photos of some KORG nanoGEAR can be found at my picasa webalbum.

I hope that my app soon gets obsoleted by a new Map-Midi-to-Keystrokes feature in a future Renoise release…

Kind regards,