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Just stuck a load of beats and instrumentals i have been working in throughout august, give em a listen if you have the time, cheers

Some quality work here. P.j is sounding very DJ Shadow. I really like the atmospheric samples and the choir sample fits in very well. Nice driving, slightly sinister drum track!

Milt is cruisey and mellow. The riff is simple but infectious and the loose timing gives the track character. It’s great how simple ideas can be very effective.

Very sweet, cool groove in Martinho, sounds like it would easily fit onto a pro modern chill-out CD. The ending was a bit abrupt. Johnny seems to be in a similar vein and I’m really digging the processing on that sweet electric piano. Another effective groove here. The vocal sample gives the track a bit of a surreal quality. It’s cool how it is, but it felt like the track was building up to express one last musical idea that didn’t get there.

Glock actually gave the same kind of impression. Everything works and it’s a fine track, but it feels a little bit sparse, like there was something unsaid at the conclusion of the track.

Very sweet groove in Brother Happy, and some great drum fills. You sure know how to handle those electric pianos. The guitar part slots in very pleasantly alongside it. Very mellow, I was thinking that maybe some strings would be really nice, but maybe it’s best how it is.