More Mousebuttons


I have a mouse that has seven buttons and a scrollwheel, but renoise recognizes only basic two and a scroll. How’bout making it recognize the rest so I can scroll f.ex filelists with up and down buttons without wearing my scrollwheel to death?

Mousecontrol is focussed on the minimum you can expect from a mouse:three mousebuttons of which the middle mousebutton can be a scroll-wheel.

With some luck you can assign other mousebuttons to hotkey sends in your mousedriver so it can take away a few keyboard shortcuts (like copy, paste and continues paste), but there are a pissload of different mice and keyboards out there.
And they all have their own proprietary scancode handler, this thing makes it very hard to be able to support because you need to maintain a seperate table of scancodes and device signal codes for each mouse and keyboard manufacturer.

For this reason manufacturers usually add the possibility to assign or reassign mouseclick and scroll behaviour or keyshorts to the proprietary mousebuttons so the software developers don’t have to add-in support for each of these devices (and they won’t do it either).

I don’t get it but why should I? Anyway, my mousebuttons work fine anywhere else than renoise, don’t know why. I don’t think that renoise should directly support my mouse, but being able to scroll things with scroll buttons would be nice. But if that’s impossible to do in practise, then… whatever. If I get it right this is because rns captures controls somewhere before mouse software or something.

Does it recognises your left/right and scrollbutton?
You aren’t obliged to reroute your other mousebuttons to different functionality.

I don’t know if it is very easy to reroute more than three buttons as if they were set up according to a generic standard.
From my own programming experience, i had to use different detection routines to work with Microsoft’s Intellimice than Logitech’s MX mice, they both use proprietary drivers. The control is even different if you don’t install their proprietary drivers but let Windows install it’s generic drivers.

I can understand why other developers rather don’t do this unless the software is open source and there are plenty of volunteers to add support for various proprietary objects.

Well only things working are left/right and scrollwheel, I have an MX mouse by logitech and have installed logitech drivers and have not reassigned or -routed anything. But if scrolling with buttons won’t work, then it doesn’t. I think I’ll survive that.

btw: The scrollbutton also has a function:force focus on any area when keyboard lock is set to the pattern editor.