More Patterns More Sample Memory

Is it possible to get more sample memory,seems very low to me and i was just wondering if max 200 patterns still applies?

I’ve had over 6 gigabytes of samples loaded into Renoise before. Exactly how much do you need? :)

The maximum number of patterns you can have is 1000 (numbered 0 to 999).

Thats enough patterns anyways.I need quite a lot of memory!! :ph34r:

were not still limited to 200 slots are we???

You can currently create/load up to 255 instruments, each with up to 256 samples per instrument.

Would it be hard to uprgrade that amount or something?Why is it set at 256?

is it just because you like high numbers or is there a specific reason? 256 samples means 3 layered samples for each of the 88 notes of a piano; 64 bit version can load virtually unlimited sample data

NoOoOoOoOoOo its just i love really high numbers <_<… . . . Yes i know about all the magnificent multilayering we can now do,which is still no use to me if i want many different instruments.Im 32 bit btw

oh, then you can’t load more than 2GB of samples (less the memory used by Renoise itself), and there is nothing we can do about it because it is a limitation of your OS, other than waiting for the so-long waited HDD streaming feature.

about the 255 instruments limitation (sorry, I misread your previous post so I thought you were only referring to the 256 samples limitation):
yes, there is a reason for that limit: the instruments are referred into the pattern using two digits, so 256 (255, actually, since instrument FF is reserved) is all you can refer into the pattern. Raising this limit would require using 3 digits for instrument numbers

Oh tits :(

probably because it’s reasonable amount of instruments for any one “song” and nobody ever hits that limit.

ive gone over it,a lot of times and im sure im not the only one,why would i bother for more if i hadnt? :wacko:

I have easily stumbled against this limitation with the plugin renderer. Also there is a limit of 250MB per instrument. So virtually unlimited goes as high as 250MB or using a VST sampler that allows larger sample files.

Nope. Not anymore.

I’ve just successfully loaded over 3 gigabytes of samples into a single instrument (Renoise 2.8 64-bit)

Ok, loading goes fine.
I guess the render plugin routine could use some finetuning for the 64-bit edition then:

Ah, indeed. Well spotted, sir.

My problem is more to do with the amount of memory i can use a whole within renoise and the amount of instruments i can have.The way i produce some tracks requires huge amounts of instruments sometimes,im just saying its very limiting to me and i was wondering if its a big deal to increase the size,thanks for all the replies! :ph34r:

Change to 64bit version. There’s nothing else that can ever be done.

Balls :(

Well my comment was only partially correct. Although the available RAM per program is limited by your OS and Renoise can in no way bypass this, except for you going to 64bit, if (and we all hope it’s a soon When) Direct From Disk streaming comes for samples the amount of RAM required should be vastly reduced as it wouldn’t have to hold all loaded samples in RAM to use them.