More Precision On Pattern Effects, The Return Of The Revenge

reading the excellent suggestions about loop marker automation and the following discussion about the necessity to have more precision / more pattern effects, I’d like to make a suggestion.

A track can have many effect columns. Why not optionally defining one effect on several columns ?

it could be done several ways. Say you want a more precise resolution on the 09xx effect

 --- 0947 HH85   

where “HH” code means "this column extends the precision of the previous one. That way we can arbitrarily improve the precision of one parameter by adding more bits to it. But here, we have more precision, but still the same number of pattern effects available. So, if we want to add some pattern effects, we can do something like :


where “GGGG” means the next column is a pattern effect number, and the next one is the associated value.

I think the main interest of this approach is the backward compatibility with the existing coding.

these suggestions are getting better and better…