More Rendering Options?

I don’t know if it has been requested before, but I am now in a situation where it would be very helpful to be able to render songs in mono. I could also reset all panning in the song, but then I would have to save another file for that song, which is kind of a hassle since I often make changes to my songs.

Greetings from Norway!

+1 having to manually convert rendered files to mono in wavelab for example gets boring quickly!

Especially when you are on OS X and have to boot into a virtual machine to be able to run the mighty Wavelab :)

That is a good idea for now, thanks!

but won’t this still give me a left and a right channel file?

just out of curiosity: for which reason could anyone want to create a single channel WAV file, and also would like to do this each time he renders (i.e.: not just in the final mixdown)?

I work in pro-tools for multi channel pieces where I sometimes want to route mono channels to a specific speaker, if I’ve arranged the mono sounds in Renoise, it’ll always give me a 2 channel file when rendered, so than I have to convert those again for my set up in pro-tools.

maybe he’s developing sound-fx for cellphone-games … (that’s one of the few reasons …)

The reason why I would want this is because my band now have a drummer, so we need to output one channel with tracker drums to the drummer, and one channel with only synths to the PA system. Yes, we do mono shows now! Any suggestion to solve this in abetter way is appreciated :)

Reaper makes conversion to mono super easy, Ive been using it for mixing down post-writing. It doesnt actually change the file itself, i guess it mutes l or r/plays both sides with centered pan. Fast as ever just lke the rest of Reaper.

But I would LOVE to be able to output mono. I feel safer somehow with straight-from-Renoise stems rather than stereo-masked-to-mono in Reaper. Idk im anal about conversions in general, the less the merrier.

You could perhaps do what was doing in my old live set, set the channels’ output to a bus channel or 2, and pan em hard one way, then rewire into Ableton which allows single-channel (from the stereo Renoise output) play-thru. Set the single channel in Live to either the L or R side of the bus, whichever direction youve panned it. If its panned still you can pan the other way in the Live channels.

But, that way requires Live. Idk if Reaper would do the same thing, i have a feeling it would. Faster.