More Sample Editor/Slicer Ideas

There’s definitely a lot of things that could be added (from taking a quick look):

  • individual editing of slices
  • it would be nice that if you double-clicked between two slices that only that part of the sample got selected (and not the entire sample, like it does now)
  • fade option per slice (so fade out every sample, possibly with a particular customizable fade out length)
  • the return of an on-screen “zoom-to-selection” button that does the same as CTRL+ALT+S
  • the return of horizontal zoom buttons (that dragging of the scroll bar is ok but not perfect)
  • Change slice off-set of all or several slices (both by edting/typing and possibly by dragging)
  • Right now, you can multi-select all or several slices/markers but that does not seem to affect any behavior
  • Snap loop points to markers and other things

Furthermore, I’m a little unhappy about the envelope editor being banned to the lower part of the screen. I’m using it quite a bit and it’s a bit harder to properly edit when it is this small. Anyway… just some ideas - and possibly/probably mentioned before.

nice thought

maybe there could be a "expand"option for the envelope section,so when you choose expand it would go full window(like it was in earlier versions)or it could be user-specific??

And, given this behaviour feels like double-clicking a word in a paragraph, triple-clicking ought to select the whole sample as usual… and drag-dropping the selected part should work muhahahaha now that’s a beatslicer ;)

Try ctrl+double-click :)

+1 for being able to edit individual slices

I would like to be able to select if the sample continues to roll past the next slice mark instead of always stopping. The reason is because sometimes I want to use slicing as a technique for quantizing to the beat and sometimes I want to leave a “human imperfection” when the groove sounds right.

+1 for editing individual slices
+1000 for rearranging and drag /dropping slices

Thought you could.

“# Trigger either only slice or remainder of sample from that point”

Will RTFM and try tonight, thanks. Also, +1 on double-click highlighting between slice flags and snap to slice flags.

Hit Control while double clicking between markers to select between markers.

Sample Editor → Top Right → Snapping → “Markers”

Watch out for the small “|>” icon in the sample editors slicing option. It does exactly this.

Not sure if it’s a bad idea or not but I can see people sometimes wanting to continue, sometimes wanting to only play the slice, and with a setting like this you can not do that, relying either on accuratly placing Note Offs or doubling up on the same sample.

One possible solution would be to have 09xx of the original sample play from Slice and continue (like a normal 09xx from Marker) and having played by Note play Slice only. Seems to make almost logical sense too… It is forcing people to use a method for a purpose, rather than leaving it to their preference though!

Ctrl+double-click is almost implemented as I’d expect – you can’t ctrl+double-click-drag to select from one slice marker to another (analogous to how one would make a multiple word selection in text).

Still pretty nice to have the Ctrl+dblclick shortcut handy.

EDIT: I’d still like to see double-click default to this behaviour, and move “select all” to triple-click in the presence of slice markers.
EDIT 2: God I’m greedy aren’t I? Demanding this, demanding that … hey, seriously, me and my bro had a wicked time setting up MIDI keyboard keyzones/MIDI->track routing to create a one-stop hardstyle shop :) Great work!

+1 for anything that would put my use for zero-x beatcreator in the grave :lol:

yes, this would be logical behaviour i suppose. make ctrl+doubleclick+drag activate ‘slice selection mode’, where you only select whole slices when dragging. maybe also allow you to let go of the ctrl, reverting back to ‘normal selection mode’, allowing you to select three-and-a-half slices.