More Sample Locations?



Love it.

more faves, like bookmarks almost, would be perfect.
although I do not understand the mockup :D

yeah something better then how it works now, i guess… ? just more locations

yes you did :]

I +1’d your post, but after further looking at the screenshots…

I don’t fully understand the
Samples 1
Samples 2

list or the whole block it’s placed in. I also don’t think you need to repeat the list of icons that run up and down the left side of the child window’s file/folder browser. It just unnecessary duplicates UI that’s already there, but maybe I’m missing something that you’re trying to get across. I think there are plenty of slots to save preset file browser presets though, that can be worked out on the other end by your sample(s) folder structure :)

I like the idea of expanding subdirectories in a new window to the right though, similar to how os x’s finder does it in columns view. That’s the part of the idea that I’d +1