More SampleEd Fade In And Fade Out Options Please !

Ok i think my last post got lost so sorry if you already heard it,
Its great we can now fine draw the samples and use pencil tool ;) , but in my opinion I think the Fade In / Fade Out buttons in sample editor are being seriously overlooked !
Just like in FastTracker2, we need a percentage amount for both Fade In and Fade Out.
A Sub menu offering fade in (-200% to +200%) and fade out (-200% to +200%) anyone remember ?!?!?! Two sliders giving us more controlled fades .This option could be repeated in FT2 too , as i feel the current ‘fixed’ settings are sometimes unworkable and destroy your sample ! :(
maybe even a curve option for non linear scale! and to be up to date B)
Thanks for listening good idea ? :D

Hi lerchiosi,
actually the wish you have is already possible with the current features.
You can render a selection of a pattern (be it a single track or many) to a new sample.
So you could simply automate the volume of a triggered sample the way you want and render the result to a new sample.

@ moderators: Maybe you want to move this thread to ‘ideas & suggestions’.

sorry i posted it here beacuse i think it will get noticed more than in ideas and suggestions…
and i dont think your idea works very well, im talking about editing the current samples and creating better fade ins and out than the restrictive settings give you… at the moment the fade in is set at 0% to 100% and fade out is 100% to 0% , what if i want to fade in 50% to 100%??? the only way is to add some silence (another feature renoise is missing) by copying a selection and reducing volume, and fading in over the new silence, this is a much too long way about doing things, we need more options !!!

I’m sorry, I didn’t know one has to be registered to render a selection to a sample.
In case you are, my post was really an answer to your question.
Like mentioned, you can automate a triggered sample’s volume and then render its flow to a sample.
Doing this, you can start playing the sample at any volume level, make it louder and fade it out to any volume level you wish.

Gilli, with all due respect, your ‘workaround’ is a good idea but i think you have the wrong end of the stick. Have u ever used Fasttracker2 ???
Im talking about Sample Editing ! not automation in a song, im talking about dragging a selection over part of a sample (could be start, end middle or whatever!), and applying volume fades. This process is key to cutting up breaks and fading in/out unnecessary parts.
What im saying is the current Fixed settings are not very useful if say i want to fade in a sample from 50% (rather than 0%)
Other neat tricks i remember using from the FT2 days, was taking a sample with a natural fade out and applying a 100%- 200% fade (is volume amplification a better word) and regaining the ‘lost’ sample data albeit with deteriorating quality.
Does anyone know what im talking about ?!?! haha
Or maybe do away with the fade in and fade out buttons completely and bring back FT2 style custom fade settings.

Yes, since 1996 :)

See, that’s why I offered two links. One for the fading and the other for creating a sample out of the fading.
So indeed you will have a sample with a custom fading. Isn’t that what you want?
Guys, anyone who wants to help him out? I reached the end of my ideas.

All this is possible with the workaround explained allthough your last point might start a discussion about quality loss here. However your idea is useful since it will work faster than the workaround and I didn’t want to give the impression that it should be ignored.