More Sampler envelope shapes would be nice

One Thing i’m missing with the envelopes (sampler): there’re linear and curved envelopes. But in curve mode the curves are some kind of double curves. But it would be nice to have also exponential and logarithmic scales for the envelopes like on the pictures below.

Actual Shape: 6376 actual shape.png

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I think there are many people who want many curves in many places. :rolleyes:(inside of Renoise, of course).I also include myself.


i really miss being able to have better control of the attack parameter of the ADSHR envelope… would be really nice to have a curve parameter. if the function of the attack part was something like f(x) = x^a the a-variable could be from 0.001 to 30 or something. that would give you both exponential and logarithmic curves i think.

the problem is also that it is only possible to modulate the parameters of the ADSHR envelope and not the one where you draw your envelopes… you can combine the two, ie. multiplying them with eachother, you can get a more interesting envelope than the simple linear curved one…

shouldn’t be too hard for the devs to copy the envelope types of the Fader modulation to the AHDSR modulation

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