More Sophisticated Templates In Renoise


I miss more complex “template” functionality. As far as I know - I can write current song as a template, and then it will be default for every new song. Except “Open Song (No Template)” action, of course.

It would be very nice to have possibility to create few templates (with own names) and just make selection during “Open from the template”.

I think it’s trivial to coding - and very useful :), imvho.



I do this by creating a “templates” subfolder of my “songs” folder and storing this folder as a disk browser preset.

usually, my templates are set up so that I can start with a specific music genre (I have an orchestral template with an orchestral set already loaded, for example)

yes, to be more distributed / flexible I have this directory in my Dropbox.

But than when I click “Control S” it saves the song without asking for name, overwriting template… but its obvious, since its song not template. Renoise provides some basic template functionality - I just want to use more than one.

i think its a reasonable idea. +1

i love the way studio one pro does let you choose between templates at start up,maybe something similar could be done for renoise??

Yep, ardour has also possibility to create new document based on one of the templates…

BTW, is there any LUA API for templates? Maybe its a way ;)

had forgotten about this thread,so accidently posted a new one with a screenshot of how studio one pro deals with this

If we are talking about really cool templates - would be nice to have possibility to see preview of template - like BPM, number of tracks, number or sending tracks - few gathered informations…

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