More Spectrogram Colors :)

I love the new spectrogram. I use it all the time. Only thing is I wish there were more color options. Or even the option to set your own colors.

I also like that with the spectogram you can veiw the selected track. I wish I could do that with the phase view.

I’m just bumping this thread. Why does nobody seem to give a eff about the spectogram when I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.

Well i never needed it to produce sound and for the functionality of the thing, color only matters for the color-blind perhaps. Are you colorblind? or is any user here colorblind and has a problem with the current available color-themes of the spectogram?

Also you’re setting up for fail with your username

I will put one little question here: I love the new spectrum, it’s really useful, but is there any option to enlarge the view vertically? It’s better for… I don’t know, I’m just more relaxed when looking on pretty high-jumping curves… also it would offer more precise work with frequencies… just some button that would enlarge and allow detachement of the spectrum view so it would work like the BC freqanalyst or similarly… and then push the button back to get the spectrum view back to its place and for quick overview…
Small view for quick looks at how the sound appears like and large view for precise EQing etc.
What do you guys think? With such a thing I could delete all the third-party freq analysis plugs…

There’s a cool tool called EZ Maximize Spectrum by esaruoho, check it out! :)

Well Failure is my middle name. It’s a good thing Perseverance is my last.

I tend to use the Spectogram a ton. I’ve noticed that some of the more complex sounding synths I’ve come across or created tend to have unique patterns. The reason I would like to see more colors has a bit to do with those patterns, but also has to do with my using the program PictoSounder which uses blue to yellow as the colours. I have a few artistic/videogame ideas which would utilize the different colours. Like going from brown to green. Which I could use the spectogram image to create landscapes for a 2D side-scroller. Plus. I’m just a customis-o-holic. I just like to do everything with my own little touch of style. Yaknow?

There’s a cool tool called EZ Maximize Spectrum by esaruoho, check it out! smile.gif

Thanks f+d+k however, I am unable to make it work with Renoise 3.0. Maybe because there is still no control over which spectrum visibility method is chosen. I tried to make it work as well in R3 as possible, yet the issue is still there…

bump, none of the included ones match my custom theme at all

any way to edit these manually somehow?