More Than Life At Stake

Hello everyone,

I’ve started using Renoise around two years ago. Of course, I’m still learning to use it but I couldn’t wait much longer to post something to this forum. The footage comes from a polish tv series which title translates to More Than Life At Stake.

Here it is:

I’ve also created a video, but I’d like you to focus on the track itself. What do you think?

Link to video:

Soon I will upload the .xrns

Thank you. I’m surprised that you called it ambient.

The video is controversial? Might be, I understand your concern, I didn’t mean to offend anyone of course.

I chose that movie for many reasons. It was wildly popular in my country in late '60s. It was pretty much the best production in TV, which aired few programs as we were under communist regime. I considered working with that movie as time-travel. It took me back to '67-'68 and '39.

And the idea came from my uncle who is using lines from that movie very often. I heard the lines million times but I saw the scenes just recently when I started sampling and watched some episodes.

Yeah, I really like the video you’ve sent :slight_smile:

Oh, and mixing-wise, two days afer uploading I think the bells are little too low.

Sounds really nice to my ears… I think “ambient” is one of my very favorite genres. I always travel while listening to “selected ambient works 85-92” for example. Do you have any tips on producing this style? I 'm starting to try a lot to make it happen but I need a point to start from, I guess.
Again, I really liked your song. Nice job.

Chill, I like it.

MurderatØr, thanks again, I’m pleased.

Coddy, I don’t have any tips on producing ambient. I didn’t even think about this piece as ambient. My guess is, that you should learn the basics and start experimenting, creating new projects every few days and exploring the possibilities. Once you find the sounds and tools you like, you’ll start to shape it the way you like it, according to your taste. If ambient is one of your favourite genre, you’ll start choosing tempos, sounds and textures typical for it’s kind. Just let your musical taste guide you.

I had an impression that little dusts were swinging in the air as they were captured on video and shown in a slow motion picture. Interesting work.

If anything the style is more akin to hip hop, judging by the beat. Maybe it could be considered trip hop.

I really enjoyed the song! It’s perfect for rainy days. :slight_smile: