More Useful Presets, Easier to Find

I won’t mention how many years I was a Renoise user before I discovered these INCREDIBLY USEFUL presets for Phrases, Keyzones, Waveforms, Modulation, and Effects just hiding quietly in this tiny little menu where I’d never think to look for them.


These seem to be the key to being able to quickly dial up professional-sounding, useful sounds without a lot of manual tinkering. It’d be a good move to make this a lot more discoverable so newbies can get in and have a gentle learning curve while seeing firsthand the powerful sound shaping that can be done.

In the manual and in the forums, everyone seems to act like I should be building all my sounds from scratch, and so consequently I’ve spent years learning A LOT about synthesis and Renoise before being able to create nice layered sounds like these.

Imagine if, when you opened up Renoise, you looked around and felt like you’d just opened a fully-stocked studio full of all the gear you’d need to make music. I get this feeling when I open up Logic Pro and see presets and instruments that look and feel like the instruments and sounds I know as a musician and listener.

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