More VST paths possible?

(Hardock) #1


can i put more than 2 VST locations in renoise preferences for

plugin locations?

Or can i add a link in the current VST folder that points to the new location?

Seems like i will need a 3rd path for VSTs :\

Relocation did not work so far…



(ffx) #2

You could create a special vst dir for renoise only and then symlink all other vst dirs to that dir.

(Hardock) #3

Unfortunately i do not have the rights to set up a mklink, allthough i am admin. Man my programming skills suck. :badteeth:

i consolidated the other link, i hope i did not break anything.

So now it works. thx :slight_smile:

(Jester) #4

I would reeeeeeeeeeally love to have more than two vst-locations to choose from. I’m surprised that I can’t have as many as I want, as with most other daw’s.

(PPH) #5

I just copy the DLL from whenever it is to one of the directories I have specifies as VST directory for Renoise. It has always worked.

(marbangens) #6

I use to just make an link to dirs when i cant move them to my renose vst folder. That works.

(sokoban) #7

5 paths would be cool :sunglasses:
10 paths would be over cool :blush: