More "windows" Friendly?

Just a few thoughts dudes.

What do you all think of the “file requester” box in Renoise?

I’m sometimes in two minds myself but I think I don’t like it overall. Sometimes I think…“yeah I can always see the files in the directory no matter what screen I’m in”, yet other times I think “hmmmm, this fidely system hasn’t got any better since the Amiga days, still a little confusing”

Do you think a standard Windows file requester box for loading and saving files would be better? It seems to be the “DE FACTO” standard for trackers to use the same file requester system as Protracker on the Amiga. But do some of you feel that that is a little dated now, and a little bad for your eyes? I sometimes do. Sometimes it does my head in, and I wish for a standard windows file requester!

Whilst on the subject of windows I sometimes think that overall it may be a better move for both Renoise and the developers to make the product more “Windows friendly” and to move away from the traditional tracker layout. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the layout of Renoise, I like the way that everything is at your fingertips, and I’m not too keen on Bill Gates’s global domination. But Renoise runs on Windows whether we like it or not. Now if you look at other commercial programs like Reason, Acid, Ableton Live etc, they all use standard windows file requesters and seem better “integrated” into windows using standard windows commands as well as drag and drop. Won’t Renoise benefit more if it drops the traditional tracker feel and heads in the same direction as established market music software? Won’t more people class it as “professional” software? Won’t it encourage more people to register? What do you think?

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