Morgue’S Last Choice – 7511

Announcing the international preorders of Morgue’s Last Choice album 7511. Describing the remorse and remorselessness of people working under the ISCO classifier 7511: Butchers. The people whose work results many of us enjoy, but would rather know nothing about the process.

Morgue’s Last Choice brings you 9 tracks filled with deep dark atmospheres. A journey not all of the people are willing to take, but those with an open mind, strong guts and interest in the darker side of the experimental music will definitely enjoy.

The album is available in two versions. Pure digital download, or professionally printed Jewelcase CD version with some additional artwork (also includes immediate digital download as soon as the album is released).

As surprising as it may be the whole album is made with Renoise as a central piece, but nothing is sequenced. MLC is using multiple MIDI controllers and microphone going into Renoise to play the entire thing live. Everything is recorded with a field recorder in a rehearsal room. No multiple takes.

Album is now available in it’s entirety as well as the CD version:

ISCO 08 Code
Title EN

Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers

Lead Statement

Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers slaughter animals, clean, cut and dress meat and fish, remove bones and prepare related food items or preserve meat, fish and other foods and food products by drying, salting or smoking.

Task statement

Tasks include -
(a) slaughtering animals;
( b ) flaying and trimming carcasses;
© boning, cutting and dressing meat and fish for sale or further processing;
(d) preparing ingredients and making sausages and similar products using chopping, mixing and
shaping machines;
(e) curing meat, fish and other foods;
(f) operating smokehouses or ovens to smoke meat, fish and other foodstuffs
(g) cooking or in other ways preparing meat, fish and related food items for sale ;
(h) selling meat or fish to customers, including wrapping, weighing and labelling products, and receiving payment.

The music could perfectly be used in a documentary or biopic of famous evil serial killers.
For example,
the story of [b]Joachim Kroll


The song titles are in estonian, so here is a translation. They are (mostly) occupations under the classifier. Not official titles in english, just rough translation. Surprisingly official names are pretty hard to find.

  1. Rümbatükeldaja - Carcass cutter
  2. Veretustaja - Blood remover
  3. Nülgija - Skinner
  4. Loomade kokkuajaja (tapaks) - Livestock gatherer (for slaughter)
  5. Konditustaja - Bone remover
  6. Lahtija - Dissector
  7. Lihuniku Memorandum - Memorandum of a Butcher
  8. Lemmikloomade Krematoorium - Pet Crematory
  9. 7511