Mort Memorandum

Here’s another track that I’m pretty much finished up with, may do some more work on it at some point if the need ever arises.

*** EDIT***

Tweaked mix uploaded as the first one was rough to say the least :panic:

Mort Memorandum

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, thanks for listening!

I was totally in love with this music until you brought the breaks in. Then I was going “aaaaargghhh!!!”.

The world does not need more breakcore.

You were warned Foo?! :P Feel free to chop the breaks out and keep the rest!

So that’s 2 minutes of audio? Hardly enough. Why choose to make something we’re all utterly saturated with?

Besides, if we’re talking good mixing here, the breaks are too loud and muddy in relation to the atmosphere. And the whole track is too loud.

(Can’t you tell I’m in a bad mood :P)

Loop it and you’ve got 4 minutes. I chose to make it because that’s what I wanted to make. It’s interesting to see what feedback I can get here but ultimately I made it for myself, no one else. I could have made anything, maybe a techno track, or something ‘poppy’ but my heart wouldn’t be in it, that’s why I did this. I’m fascinated by intricate/complex/varying beats, always have been but only recently discovered tracking after much banging of the head against the proverbial wall whilst using other sequencers. And anyway, what aren’t we utterly saturated with?

I pushed the amplification of the mixdown as far as it would go before totally distorting, that’s why it’s loud, but I like loud.

I don’t mind your bad mood, raises some questions at least!

Yeah don’t mind me, I’m the one who’s oversaturated. Some kids listening to this stuff now will find in revolutionary. Seriously. That’s a good thing. But for me, well I gotta look elsewhere. Still, my case is that if you took the beats out of this, you’ve have something really nice that I would listen to over and over again. AND, revisit it easily years down the track…

But yes, it is important to write what you feel. It’s the same as punk or metal: mostly sonically obnoxious music, but it serves a social purpose and important expression the cultural void of suburban life.

another super track! I download the 4 track ep last night at the library and was blown away when i listened to it at home. congratulations with your music man.


omfg that is top class so complicate and lovely truely awesome music mate totally the music i love and very experienced user :)

Nice! I really dig your stuff… The intro is amazingly great… I understand what Foo? means about the break… I mean… I do love them… but I feel that they could be a bit more “unique”… I’m saying that because I know you can do that. The breakdown is nicely done… and I like that acid lead at the end… sure that sounds very vsnares ish… but well… vsnares is great.

Good job.

Oh my, that’s just a wonderfull track! Teach me :D . It’s only; the drums drop suddenly, it feels kinda unnatural for me. Maybe make some more tension with before the drums drop?

And I wanna learn how to make that acid-like stuff at the end, it’s wicked. Can you tell me?

Thanks for the comments guys! I’ve uploaded a tweaked mix here Mort Memorandum - When I’ve got a load of finished stuff I’ll probably concentrate on mixing everything a bit more.

@ Veugel - It’s just a 303 vst that I’m using for the end with some slight distortion, nothing too fancy really.

i love it.

keep 'em coming boy

wha! excellent!

another talent rising its head! :)