Mosquito madnessss

Hello old and new friends, nice to see you still rocking with this amazing piece of software. Its been a while since i made some songs and shared with people so i decided to put together some of the stuff i´ve been working on and show it to you. This one is a bit noisy, a questionable mixing, also has some beatles samples and it´s constructed around some chops of an old brazilian singer called “isaura garcia” (heavily distorted of course), the song is entirely made in renoise. I intend to be more active from now on because i feel it is something thats lacking in my life and it used to bring me so much joy. hope you can enjoy it as it is. Anyway, im planning some more by the end of the week. hasta la future comrades!!!


I really like it ! looking forward to listen to your other productions.
About the mix, you’re right it doesn’t seems perfect, but I feel like it is part of the song’s appeal, and that it would miss something if the mix was too clean. keep up the good work !

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