Most easy way to replace instr/fx with 64bit version / crossplatform exchange


some vendors switched a vst plugin later to 64 bit, so there are two versions of the plugin each with different plugin identifiers. Very often, the preset data still is compatible. AFAIK the usual way is to replace the identifier in the song xml.

But there is a much more comfortable way to do this. Just use the copy/paste buffer and a text editor. Example:

  1. Load TAL-Chorus-LX (32bit), change the parameters, and then copy the device
  2. Paste the content of the copy buffer to a text editor (Renoise copies everything in a nice XML format)
  3. Change all plugin identifier nodes from “TAL-Chorus-LX” to “TAL-Chorus-LX-64”.
  4. Copy the whole text in the editor and now paste it to Renoise


  • The same works for missing plugins while crossplatform exchange, e.g. “MeldaPlugin” vs. “MeldaPlugin.bin”. Just copy the slot which was not loaded properly.
  • Also works for instruments

Maybe this already is obvious for you, but I actually never had this idea before :blink:

If you now were able to access the copy/paste buffer operations thru the LUA API, then I could write a “crossplatform auto-fixer” tool, which auto fixes all common crossplatform identifier problems.


Nope didn’t know about this one, great info.