Most hotkeys doesn't work at the last time

In sampler mode hotkeys such as Undo/Redo (Ctrl (+ Shift) + Z) or fade in/out (Ctrl + Shift + I / O) doesn’t work anymore… But hotkeys in main mode (Space, Tab and others) still work fine. Why some hotkeys are broken and how to repair?

renoise re-installation does not help

most hotkeys are tied to which part of the gui has focus. make sure the part you are trying to edit has focus, either by left or middle mouse click, or by cycling through with option+tab (on macOS - not sure on win or linux) or option+shift+tab

I’d try that first

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thanks for reply!
I have just fix it by Reset button in: Edit → Preferences → Keys → Reset and all hotkeys returned!

Save the file outside windows folder which need administration rights. I save the keymappings file on a separate HDD, on D: , because I have had my kaymappings erased many a times (by Win10?).

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nice. glad you got it sorted :+1:

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