Most Used Breaks?


don’t say i do nothing for you

i dont think i ever use breaks. i’m a drummer irl so its pretty easy for me to take some individual hits and make them whatever beat i want. i will make a drum beat like an amen but with different sounds but using brseaks and looped instrument samples, for me, makes me feel uncreative and like i’m “cheating”.

That’s awesome. If I still had a set and recording equipment I would do the same.

yea man. like, i barely have time to play anymore cause of university, but a pair of mics and a filed recorder have been my best investment ever. go sampling and then tear them apart in renoise

thanks Syflom!

btw. using a drumloop should not be considered as cheating. a huge percentage of musics (even popular music) consists of sampling old material, not only drumloops, but entire sequences of old musics. just take a look at the popular song, Ain’t Talkin’ 'Bout Dub by Apollo 440 which had a Van Halen guitar riff as its main lead.

saying “i don’t use any sampled material!” may work, but sticking to this stipulation may appear snobbish and can result in dry musics somehow. if you just feel a loop is fitting well, just use it, the result will justify itself.

i understand your point. people are allowed to sample and they have done so for many years. thats what they want to do, then fine.

i just dont see how only using original material would result in dry music. i would think that it would lend itself to more creativeness rather than resampling and overusing stuff that has been played before

it may seem snobbish to some but to some sampling loops could been seen as being so lazy that you would just use other peoples material

and also awaken interest for the “old song” that are used in the
new work.

my Ex-sample: Elvis - Rubbaneckin’

this is true, it may awaken interest in an old song, but more sheeple dont realize that its from an old song.

I kinda like the sound of phatso’s drumloops :)

lo-fi, ideal for messing up beyond recognition. I didn’t even know they were only 128kbit untill you mentioned it :)

But then again, i hate most clean and crisp sounds, i recently found myself using a barrage of more than 7 VST fx to smother up (oldify, mothdamage, whatever…) my drumloops.

P.S. thanks for the link to the 101 drumloops pack! downloading now!

i meant the dry sounds for the musics Opposing anything that is about sampling (clean default-sounding software synthesis)

i use the same amen mined from D.O.A. in pretty much every tune i make - it doesn’t always make the final mix but then, neither do i.

it just makes everything sound like jungle!

I feel the same way. I rely on some sampled breaks when I am trying to achieve a certain sound, but am much more satisfied when I completely create the beat myself and all other accompaniments.

I also feel like I am cheating. I also hate when I notice a song that sounds so beautiful and I really get into it and thinking of the production side of things only to realize the composer ripped the entire melody or certain parts of the songs were entirely sampled.

A huge turn off. I have heard songs from users here that were so excellent and when I realized what was done it just negates those feelings for me.


Seriously though, the beauty of using breaks is that:
A) They can be latered
B) They can be chopped
C) They can be f**ked up beyond all recognition with a variety of effects

If you do any of those 3 things, the “cheating” argument goes out the fricken window.

Let me segue into a mini rant:
WHAT THE FK IS WITH PEOPLE CLAIMING THAT IF YOU DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL EVERY FKING TIME, THAT YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A RIPOFF ARTIST!!! Seriously people… you use synths… you use samples… you use effects… you use a sequencer… THEY’RE ALL THE RESULT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK!!! You don’t see painters making all of their own paintbrushes and paints and canvases… and if you did, that wouldn’t in any way negate the work of those that simply buy them.

So what the hell is the problem with sampling? Aside from legal issues and original artist recognition, there’s NOTHING illegitimate about it! It’s not like we all have money to hire a band to record loops for us… so what’s the problem with a one-man act using the resources around him to realize his vision? WE’RE COMPOSERS, PEOPLE!!! We’re not all jack-of-all-trade pro gig musicians, and we shouldn’t HAVE to be! WE’RE HERE TO REALIZE A VISION!!! WE’RE HERE TO BEAR OUR SOULS!!! If the music in our souls happens to be influenced by other artists, and we want to represent that, SO BE IT! It shouldn’t matter HOW unprocessed our samples are or HOW many samples we use… WHAT MATTERS is that we make meaningful, soulful music that represents our take on things. If it moves you, and if it evokes emotion, who cares how it was made?

… BTW, the demonization of sampling is nothing more than a social meme used to perpetuate capitalist ideals… it has NO place in an artistic debate.

Agreed! It’s not what you use but how you use it.

boom boom kah tikitiki boboom kah tiki

Translation: never fix a broken beat

I know the beauty of using breaks ;) - I love them don’t get me wrong. It’s great stuff. I know they can be chopped, diced, mashed, and pured. I am with you all the way.

I was just simply sharing my own personal opinion. “I” feel like cheating if I don’t come up with something entirely on my own. I don’t like to take credit for something that is not entirely my own. It’s not a matter of re-inventing the wheel.

I believe there is a difference between making a conscious effort to “create” v just altering something. Sure, what you create will have been influenced by something we have listened to at some point in time, but whether we are conscious of it at time of creation means something to me. Does that make more sense?

I think what we are in disagreement on is a purely creative process in terms of note arrangement. I don’t see it as reinventing the wheel. What does that have to do with sitting down and making something that you can proclaim was something that entirely came out of your music making as opposed to let me make some little melody here and there and oh used the background ripped from xyz?

This is only an assumption, but you seem to be turning this into something that is very black & white and I am afraid I don’t see it that way. There are degrees in which I think someone is a “ripoff” artist. I don’t think it’s bad when someone does a remix, providing they give credit where due.

I have a problem with people sampling huge sections of original music and then just chopping up a break along with it and then showcasing it as their own. Again, my personal opinion. You seem to be taking issue with my message very personally. BTW - I happen to think your music is awesome… calm down.

I use loops in some of my songs. I am criticizing myself here as well. I “personally” don’t like resorting to it. All I am saying is that I get a much greater sense of satisfaction when I can use individual sounds or sampled instruments and ACTUALLY ARRANGE THEM to make the melody myself.


:unprocessed our samples are or HOW many samples we use… WHAT MATTERS is that we make :meaningful, soulful music that represents our take on things. If it moves you, and if it evokes emotion, who :cares how it was made?

Here is where we agree. My favorite music is the kind that evokes emotion. I am sorry. I care how it was made. I am going to dis someone who creates a song and most of the elements of the song that evoke emotion were created by someone else. It’s plagiarism in writing and it’s bullshit in music making.

I mean, do you see painters making paintings by painting another artist’s picture and then adding a tree here and there or some other such thing and then saying viola - check this out! I do take issue with the creative process. As liberal as I am on certain things, I am pretty pure about this.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

:… BTW, the demonization of sampling is nothing more than a social meme used to perpetuate capitalist :ideals… it has NO place in an artistic debate.

Again, just just sharing my opinion. I have a ton of music where I used breaks and things like that. I merely said I get more satisfaction when I don’t rely on them.

Andy Warhol ?
or more recently Glenn Brown

In the visual arts its called appropriation though, and happens all the time.
Sounds more intellectual then sampling, i suppose

dont know if many of you keep up on sampling news like i am, but this article just popped up on CDM. its pretty relevant to where this thread turned…elodic-samples/