Most Used Breaks?

This might be a noob question, but I couldn’t find a thread about it before. I pretty much still just use the Amen. For those of you who use breaks, which ones do you find yourself going back to often and have you tried to purposely stop using them, or do they keep pulling you back?

nine o nine
all the time


edit: not a breakbeat, but cheese nonetheless

the Apache is another evergreen…

The Amen is so overused it’s getting ridiculous.

Another reason I’m asking ;)

Funky Drummer has always been my favourite.

I’m a think man myself.

Took a peek in my tracks and I’m a James Brown fan

My favorites, though I rarely use them, are James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”, Led Zepplin’s “When the Levee Breaks”, and Skull Snaps’ “It’s a New Day”

Depends on the song i’m making. Usually i browse trough the couple hundred breaks i downloaded from this place for free:

the quality seriously sucks on those polybius, they’re 128kbit mp3 with a wave header.
check out…;/fileinfo.html

second that, best breaks pack i’ve encountered

Nice recovery!



ragga jungle would have never existed without Amen so the credit goes to that song.
for newbies: it is an excerpt form the b-side song “Amen Brother” by The Winstons.

and yes, there are more songs the world used loops from:

james brown - funky drummer (yea it’s been mentioned before)
jimmy mcgriff - the worm (00:04 - 00:08, i love this loop)
bobby byrd - i know you got soul

i will probably come up with more later.

The best break packs in existance, 101 breaks included, are all listed in the link in my sig. Thanks to the DnBwiki community :P

I guess one of the questions I was asking got lost in this thread.

Do you find yourself coming back to a break or have you tried to make conscious efforts to stop using one but keep coming back?

I find myself using breaks to fill my lunch hour, which also happens to be my break. If I break my pen during that time, so be it.


Answer; Yes, I do.

sometimes. then sometimes i find my music thinks in amen.
lately to an extent i have been deliberately making my amens sound sloppy to get a new idea. off kilter and such with other break combinations sloppy too, while written that way.

Funnily enough, my mate I work with is really into guitar.

We both live in Japan, so he showed me a video of a track from Kill Bill with a famous Japanese guitarist in it.


Nothing memorable about the clip, asides from the HUGE Led Zep break.

You know the one I am talking about.

I think breaks are underestimated in their power to dictate the entire feel of a song.

couldn’t lay hands on Skull Snaps’ “It’s a New Day”. :( any help?