I wrote this song a while back and produced a video for it using blender and nuke.

Some info about the song:

it was originally inspired by some windchimes I was listening to outside a store in Baltimore. It wound up being in a meter of 7/8. One of the things that I love about Renoise is that you can very easily author music in whatever weird time signature you want.

The animation was done by creating channel dumps and instrument isos from the renoise file and using the waveforms to control various drivers in blender. If anyone has questions about the animation process, I’d be happy to answer them. It was A LOT of fun.

Hope you like it! Please give feedback!

Beautiful, tranquil, subtly layered in stages giving a line of progress.

Your quiet use of rapid drums is excellent. Balanced, measured, it augments the central theme without overwhelming it.

It wouldn’t offend your grandmother, it wouldn’t distract attention in a supermarket, but it rewards careful listening by knowledgeable ears. The musical progress evinced by alternation of layers while retaining some foundational elements is a real treat.

Two thumbs up. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Chill, relaxing, and inspiring. probably the best thing to achive. I can’t give much feedback I know but can I ask for the project file? This kind of music is usually what I’ve wanted to create on my own so this may help to study this. Also I like random remixes, i have ideas for this :slight_smile: