Motorola emulation, Access Virus, etc

Have you guys followed this topic on gearslutz
It is nothing short of amazing ( all in afew months time )
A group of coders have emulated the motorolla cpu ( as used in lot’s of early 90’s va ) and have it running in real time , the original acces virus algos from the rom set


The beta is out , but you need a verry fast pc
Here you can download the virus ROM files

Mods ,delete link if not appropriate


I’ve got it running in VSTHost, but then midi is really laggy.

When I load the emu and VirusHC in Renoise, I can’t figure out how to do the midi routing. It crashes all the time when I set the midi output of VirusHC to “VirusHC to Emu”

The crashing is probably because of the editor , which also needs a midi loopback routing
You can just send midi cc’s (using renoise midi cc dsp ) to the emulator without using the editor .

They are making an editor that doesn’t require midi loopback

I used loopMidi, but I think it causes a midi loop which crashes the editor. Anyway, thanks. I still have a midi device with a lot of cc parameters, which I made when I still had a Virus TI.

Now with included gui and some serious optimization
I don’t really care about the virus sound ( much prefer Nord ) , but it’s a real achievement what these guys did in less then a year
The waldorf microwave xt is what I am looking forward too


I’m googling but can’t find the roms argh.
edit; think I’ve found something here; - Synthesizer ROM archive
edit2; what kind of super computers are you guys running? :slight_smile: Immediately jumps to 99% here without triggering a note lol.

Try virus b rom, not c (remove virus c rom). Virus B rom clocks at lower MHz, so the load will be lower, they explained to me.

I am running a 10 year old i5 , I can play certain patches of the latest version when loading the virus B rom
Virus c is also unusable on my system
As it is right now , I can’t really use it in productions , don’t really care since I have much better sounding stuff ( both soft and hard )
Still , the whole project is amazing !

1.2.5b (2022.01.29):

- [Imp] Smaller general performance improvements
- [Imp] Additional performance improvements for ARMv8 based CPUs (including Apple M1)

- [Fix] CPU spikes in complex patches or multi mode
- [Fix] Part Select buttons were visually broken (always appeared as being selected)
- [Fix] Presets were stored with incorrect version number, causing Virus B & C features to be disabled by the DSP when being loaded (Reverb, Osc 3, EQ, ....)
- [Fix] Preset was corrupted when saving to an already existing file
- [Fix] Some presets caused the emu to crash
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Great! This one does run it without immediately crashing. Although cpu meter in Renoise doesn’t get to high anymore, there are still occasional glitches in the sound output. Great improvement though.

Recent 1.28 version performs pretty ok now even on my aged Intel i7 4770, with Virus B rom. Can now even play multiple instances at once, with 8ms of latency.

1.2.8 beta (2022.02.27):

- [Imp] UI knobs now react to parameter changes via Midi Control Change, Poly Pressure and Sysex
- [Imp] Patches loaded via "Load" button that only contain a single preset are now loaded to the edit buffer of the selected part
- [Imp] Emulation performance improvements (5% - 10%)

- [Fix] Presets were not always loaded correctly
- [Fix] Loading of presets didn't (properly) update the UI
- [Fix] Patch Browser failed to load some midi file which resulted in no presets being displayed
- [Fix] Patch Browser didn't display the proper Virus Model in all circumstances
- [Fix] Midi bank select (sent as Midi CC) was off-by-one in single mode
- [Fix] Part bank select and part program change (as sysex) didn't work for single mode
- [Fix] Various midi clock issues due to midi clock start event being missing
- [Fix] "Assign3 Destination3" was named "Assign2 Destination3" (automation name)
- [Fix] "Assign3 Amount3" was named "Assign2 Amount3" (automation name)
- [Fix] Osc 1 & 2 Wave Select parameter was off-by-one
- [Fix] Key follow base UI element not working
- [Fix] Do not crash when attempting to load a preset that is not a Virus preset
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I’ve been tinkering with current atm version (1.2.17 arm64 AU) with Virus C rom for a bit now and it’s perfectly usable. Performance wise my M1 Max doesn’t break a sweat running few instances, GUI is fine (and it even looks good, which cannot be said about many commercial synths). I’ve been browsing through presets from this rom and already found few sounds used on a very well known songs years ago :wink: great project, made me reconsider my plugin purchase plans as it is already good enough to use instead

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