Motorolla emulation , acces virus etc

Have you guys followed this topic on gearslutz
It is nothing short of amazing ( all in afew months time )
A group of coders have emulated the motorolla cpu ( as used in lot’s of early 90’s va ) and have it running in real time , the original acces virus algos from the rom set


The beta is out , but you need a verry fast pc
Here you can download the virus ROM files

Mods ,delete link if not appropriate


I’ve got it running in VSTHost, but then midi is really laggy.

When I load the emu and VirusHC in Renoise, I can’t figure out how to do the midi routing. It crashes all the time when I set the midi output of VirusHC to “VirusHC to Emu”

The crashing is probably because of the editor , which also needs a midi loopback routing
You can just send midi cc’s (using renoise midi cc dsp ) to the emulator without using the editor .

They are making an editor that doesn’t require midi loopback

I used loopMidi, but I think it causes a midi loop which crashes the editor. Anyway, thanks. I still have a midi device with a lot of cc parameters, which I made when I still had a Virus TI.