Motu 828mk2 "punch Out" Footswitch

The MOTU 828mk2 has a great feature that lets you hook up a footswitch to it, and use that footswitch to send a keystroke or combination of keystrokes to the active application. For live shows with one band, I am running Renoise on a laptop and playing drums - and being able to stop/start Renoise with a footswitch would be a godsend for me!

But here’s the problem - the footswitch, I’ve set up to send “space” (stop/start) - and when I open notepad just to test that it’s working properly, it’s no problem - it does indeed send a “space” keystroke when I step on it.

But within Renoise, for some reason, it does not - it is sending the letter “D” - any idea why this might be? Are the key mappings different somehow within Renoise? I tried several different keys and none of them seem to match within Renoise specifically. I’d love to be able to do this if anyone has any bright ideas of what key would actually be equal to “Space” - not sure.

Hope this makes sense. I’m running Renoise on a Toshiba a70 Laptop.


It may depend what kind of keyboard layout support you have set your platform to.

Language layouts for various foreign keyboards differ in handling.
Though a space-key stroke being interpreted as a ‘D’ is quite odd.

Hey, finally, a reply - thanks vvoois! I have mine set up to US English - still haven’t really been able to figure this out though. It’s Renoise specific, this problem - the footswtich works perfectly for Cubase, etc.

At any rate, I’ll just not use it for now - but would be great.