Mountain Overseer

This is my entry for an ambient song competition on another board. Although we had over a week to make it, I only spent about 5-6 hours on it and I’m probably stretching the confines of ambient, but I think it’s a nicely powerful, yet simple track.

Mountain Overseer

Not something I’d really listen to, but it would work perfectly well as ambience if you found the right setting or application for it. Nice ending too.

Great track, dark, scary and powerful.
The melodic stuff mixes well with the noises, the track reminds me of a futuristic setting like doom with monsters and such. :)

very dark, lots of depth and atmosphere. almost an industrial type feel. it’s very busy especially about 2/3rds of the way though around 2:30-2:45, but it still manages to sound good.
my only criticism is that perhaps the transition around 3:12 to the outro is kinda rough, i would maybe fade out the distorted leads instead of such a drastic drop.

I totally agree with the criticism there, there’s a number of things I’d like to fix and that’s top of the list. Once I’ve finished with my album, I plan on releasing some EPs and I think I’ll use an improved and reworked version of this track on one.

Nice distorted noise. Wouldn’t call it ambient, more like industrial noise… like something you could hear from Staalplaat.

Well, I won the competition and the prize was to select the genre for the new competition. I chose Grindcore and I’m currently penning a touching ballad to our favourite garagetime beersnack: Chicken On A Stick.

awesome. congrats! is this a renoise only competition or what? is it open to the public or internal only? URL?

You can use whatever music tools you like. Some folks are recording live drums through a handheld tape recorder, others like me are doing it all on the PC. The rules are pretty relaxed, it just has to be in the spirit of the genre of grind (which covers quite a bit of ground these days), not the exact instrumentation. One guy’s already submitted a track with absolutely no guitars or vocals at all.

I’ll warn you now though, the forum this is on can be a little tasteless at times.

Congratz! B)

Interesting choice: grindcore. :D

Haha, I chose that because most of my music tends to be very serious and making a grind track will allow me to inject a sense of humour. So when it’s done, you can look forward to total nonsense lyrics, blastbeats, OTT spazzed out vocals and ridiculous, disjointed riffs. :D

Well, I’ve at last had an excuse to re-do the song. The track has been included on the first of a series of Raw Nerve Compilation CDs. For this the song has been slightly polished up, remastered and now features a brand new intro and outro recorded on binaural microphones, giving it a superb realistic atmosphere, especially when listened to on headphones.

Mountain Overseer (New Version)

The new intro and outro is very nice, fitting very well.

Loved the first version of this song muchly, but this new one has some deep focus. Thanks for the update. Very evil. :yeah:

I’ve missed this song when it was released. Very interesting! I’ve also liked “Survive yourself” very much.

Your music sounds very personal and powerful, thanks for sharing.

Whoah, strange that this should be bumped today, I’m just about to start remastering it 'cos I felt a lot of bass had been lost last time. Glad you like it!

EDIT - Here we go, should be meatier sounding now and I’ve also made the later chords less simplistic.…ainOverseer.mp3