Mouse scrolling options

I would like an option that allows shutting off scrolling vertically through both the PE window and mixer window. By this I mean I’d like scrolling to always move to tracks to the right or left, not only on the bottom scrollbar in PE and empty space/VUmeters in the mixer. In the Mixer window you can scroll to the right until you bump into a track with more fx than your vertical resolution allows you to display; then it will scroll that column of stuff. In the PE, especially when playing it’s even more annoying (also in some way my windows install, which is nobody’s problem obviously, will ‘remember’ scroll signal then execute later e.g. scroll in mixer -> switch to PE -> oh WHOOPS you wanted me to skip a quarter beat, here you go) - I can’t find a reason one would want to mess with transport using scrollbutton.
Anyway a (even so much as hidden config.xml easter egg) option for configuring this would be mucho appreciated.