Mouse Weel Trouble

The mouse weel seems to deside whem to work or not. I’ve tried to check/uncheck the “mouse weel acceleration” in the prefs, but it still only works sometimes. Any clues?


Hello Jester,

please give us a bit more info. Are you running Renoise on OSX, Windows or Linux? When exactly does this happen and when not - is there any pattern? I know from a few VST plugins on Windows that they manage to hijack the mouse wheel, even when their editor is not open. probably it’s just that?

When you say “decide when to work or not” does this mean that it’s doing nothing or behaving erratically, or something else?


2 Studio PCs that run XP and Win7. Same problem on both.

The mouseweel stops working alltogeather and does not start working again until I restart Renoise. At the same time the mouseweel works fine outside of Renoise. It usually happens when I’ve been working for some time. It could be a VST, but the mouseweel works again on the same song with the same VSTs after a restart. It has happened on several songs with very different setups, but only since Renoise 2.8 beta