Mouse Wheel


when i use the mouse wheel it jumps 2 steps in the column editor i would like to it to just jump one step, is there any setting for this ? or is it related to how i set the mousewheel in windows xp settings ? thx.

Yeah that is a good question. I find it a bit anonoying when you have you hand on the mouse wheel and you are jumping around the note you want to get. Incredibly lazy I know but taking my hand off the mouse and moving it to the enter or arrow keys is a pain. Haha. I am basically trying to become that fat guy from the south park episode World Of Warcraft.

Mousewheel steps is specific to the manufacturer driver and is something you cannot really set by default in the software.

Adding a specific toggle to set the amount of scrolling lines may work out for John who has a Logitech mouse while it doesn’t work out for Mary who has a Microsoft mouse.

So if you set this in the software, you might contradict behaviour of configurations set in the vendor-driver unless you are willing to use the XP default mousewheel driver for your mouse-device. This however usually also means you can’t control extra buttons on your mouse.

still, some sort of “wheel sensitivity” option should work for everyone