Mouse with thumb scroll???


Kindof ironic asking on renoise forum, as such a focus on keyboard, but, for DAW use in general, doest anyone know of a good reliable WIRED mouse with a thumb scroll wheel?

I used to have a mighty mouse, and loved up+down + left+right scrolling, but, anyone who’s used one will know that the scroll wheel gets gunkd up and stops working every now and then, and eventually stops working altogether.

To me it’s such an improvement to work flow.

So, I just want a WIRED mouse with a thumb scroll and a normal scroll, or, I think I might have seen some wireless ones with a kind of trackpad in place of the scroll wheel which fulfils the same purpose. Anything that works well and is wired.

EDIT: the r.a.t mice have them, but there are a lot of reviews about how they stop working/break quickly and when you’re paying that kinda money for a mouse, you want it to last (one I’ve got has lasted years, just no side to side scrolling).

Cheers guys.

You can easily fix the little scrollball on the mighty mouse by turning it upside down and rolling it agressively on your pants for a little while. :lol:/>

Thanks, but, even with the rolling upside down trick (on paper I was told) I’ve been through 2 (must need to vacuum more often). The wheels became unusable, or other issues.

I think that the design is inherently flawed when you have to regularly clean and/or they break, so, I just want two scroll wheels.

Thanks though :)


I’ve ended up going with the RAT 5, because there doesn’t seem to be anything else, and, from contacting multiple tech suppliers, this is what they kept recommending.

I’ve got it covered by a warranty, should a problem occur, and, I got it through a reputable electronics supplier, so, if the stories are true, I can avoid the mad catz/cyborg bad return policies by going through them.

It was highlighted to me that though there are some bad reviews, there are also a few good ones, and, that, from a few suppliers, they’ve sold X amount, and only had a small Y amount returned, etc.

Also, it has also been highlighted that a lot of gamers (as it’s a gaming mouse), get very angry mid battle, if they’ve been taken down or something, and slam their mice on the table (which could be a reason for some of the faults).

So far, it works nice. Got the buttons to work for f9/10/11/12 and thumb scroll works fine.

No tracking issues or anything yet.

The ONLY thing at the moment is that it’s quite a bit bigger than a lot of mice, and, I can use it no problem, it fits my hand, BUT, I have to use it further from me on my desk or my wrist starts to hurt. I’m sure some ergonomic adjustments and/or a wrist wrest can resolve this.

Anyway, I INTEND to report back over the months, especially if there’re any problems.

If anyone’s interested in how it’s going and I haven’t reported back then just post a reminder here. :)

Long shot, but I use the Microsoft trackball explorer on the daily at my job, and I love it.

Of course, for renoising at home, I still use a logitech marble. No scroller at all on that one >.<

Necro bump and I didn’t want to start a new thread, but does anyone use a trackball mouse together with renoise and can tell how they work together? Am thinking about buying a logitech mx ergo and wonder about the usability.

Got one of these, best trackball I ever used on linux haptically and ergonomically. I don’t use the extra buttons.

I’m a huge fan of wired peripherals, so a small downside is that it doesn’t transmit data through USB cable and needs its wireless USB transmitter, so it takes two USB ports while charging. A more annoying thing for me is that the batteries can’t be changed but there’s a youtube video for that :sweat_smile:

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Good to hear that it works, do you know if the extra buttons on the mouse are easy to configure? Can you hook up functionality from renoise to the buttons? For example: previous, next pattern.

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On Linux I tried remapping the mouse keys with xbindkeys and xdotool as described here and then reassigned these generated keystrokes to the desired action in Renoise. The extra buttons correspond to button b:8 and button b:9, which worked with some keys, but other ones didn’t work at all or I had to press the mouse buttons twice or move the mouse cursor. An entry into .xbindkeyrsc that works here was

"xdotool key Shift_L+Meta_L+4"
"xdotool key Shift_L+Meta_L+1"

Strangely, Shift_L+Meta_L+2 doesn’t work well, maybe that’s because of my keyboard.

On windows remapping both extra buttons with Logitech Options to a keystroke and reassigning this to the desired action in Renoise worked flawlessly. It should also work with Autohotkey, but I haven tried this due to lack of time. The buttons there should be named “X1” and “X2”.

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Thanks for the info! I am on windows with this mouse so I’ll explore the options you mention!

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