Mousewheel + Ctrl

How about:

In the pattern editor when CTRL is held and the mouse is hovering over:

  • volume
  • note
  • delay
  • pan
  • command type
  • command value

Then the value is either ++ or –

What do people think?

Might need a control in advanced edit somewhere to change the amount it gets incremented by.

Another idea:
SHIFT+CTRL+Mousewheel over a note moves its position up or down the pattern, with the wheel controlling the same note until the keys are released even if the note has moved from under the mouse pointer…

Another idea!
CTRL+Mousewheel when hovering over a selection in the pattern does the same as dragging the selection - this would make shifting blocks around by small amounts less fiddly (not with an apple mightymouse though, those little ball things are cack)

One of my ideas. Now there’s no clue what are the meanings of pattern commands and no comfortable way to enter them - it should be upgraded to something 2009’ish.

Great ideas here. I second them all :)

Agree with the 2009’ish thinking. It’s dangerous to be stuck in “this is a tracker, as they used to be” trap. I have Logic too now, and it has really opened my eyes. Not that I’m leaving Renoise. No Way!

a big +1 from me