mov ax 13h, int 10h - new track + some artwork

Hiya gang!

I’ve recently completed another track, renoise and reaktor stuff. Been building some interesting algorithmic sequencers coupled with some granular tools, re-constructed, arranged and additional programming in renoise. Loving 3.1 so far :slight_smile: No video this time, but did do some artwork that I feel goes well with the track.

Track :


Sounds very 320x200 :walkman:

@Hexen: Modex with 256 colors!!! :smiley:

Forgot to leave any constructive feedback.

Very nice I like the mix down. A lot of frequencies that seem to work well together. The tempo seems a bit high for my taste, but it’s just a personal taste thing.

There’s obviously a lot of intricate detail created by your algorithms and then polished by hand, I guess.

The artwork is amaze-balls.

Keep up the good work :wink:

Fellow asm’ers!

Thanks for the feedback Hexen. Its probably my noisiest track to date. I usually keep a slightly lower tempo, but for some reason once I started playing with my sequencers and synths they all worked together at a higher tempo.

Algorithms aside, there’s also plenty of programming of drums and other doodles in Renoise.


Nice breaks here. :slight_smile:

The artwork does go well with the track, and both are excellent.