Move Automation Points Lock

Often I come into the situation where I want to change the time of the automation points but not the value. For example, I have set an exact value which don’t happen to be the value the editor snaps to.
Could use the shift key as a modifier which seems unused in the automation editor and this is also the key in Photoshop to lock into horizontal/vertical move if I remember correctly.

Seems like it wasn’t such a good idea, nobody even bothered to reply.

Those bastards.

But I guess, it would be useful…

being able to draw automation over multiple patterns or STFU! :wink:

Missed this and agree 100%, would be nice to have.

Generally it sounds like a good idea, something similary to using shift in Gimp / Photoshop to select a square area.

This is a feature I wish for every time I use automation. It would be nice to have a modifier key either snap the point in motion to a grid or stick it to an axis.