Move/Delete Tracks

Today it is only possible to remove the most right tracks from a song. but if you have made somthing in thouse and have empty tracks in the middle it is a whole project to delete them cause you can’t move tracks around if you do do it by hand (first copy the track, then the DSP setting, very longwinded), so my suggestion would be a way to either delete any track or to move around the position of a track. To be able to move a track can also be very handy when organizing a song…

Good one Twilek :D :D


i say it again - we need a better advancedEdit! :rolleyes: :D

Gosh… I always thought this was said somewhere by someone already… that’s why I haven’t posted this suggestion myself!
This is one of the things I miss the most about editing…
being able to “Drag” your track-column-channel around the song and “drop” em to some other place to better organize your tracks during composition…
It should be rated VERY easy :)

It has been suggested before… but the Modplug way of doing it was new I think…

I suggested it to pulsar on an IRC query some days befor this post was written.

Now I’m sure someone is spying my queries :ph34r:


Hehe… yeah, I’m spying all your queries, posts and even your key-presses… :P :lol: This way you can’t say RTFP to me at least!! :D

No, but seriously, I suggested drag n drop of tracks some time… I think :)