Move Edit Cursor To Place Of Undo

Now the edit cursor is decoupled from the play cursor (thanks again!) it seems like a basic feature to me to move this edit cursor to the place of action that is being undone. You see this in all kind of programs, like text-editors. It means that you can really “see” the action that is being undone. This is especially disambiguating when you’re doing multiple undo’s after each other (instead of staring obsessively at the status-bar). What do you think?

this has been already proposed in the past. Many people would find this confusing/irritating, so it should at least be optional.

The undo will always take place at the place where you’re working. Thats the definition of undo. What is confusing about that?

I guess it would be easier if the undo message contained a keyword for where the undo just happened, like “Sample Editor: delete selection was undone” or “Pattern Editor: delete selection was undone”.

Additionally it would be nice to have an dropuppable status-bar where you can have a look at the undo history and left click on a specific event should undo all steps up to the edit step you clicked on.

That was a thing that had been suggested during the alpha stage when this feature got introduced.

Renoise stores undo data in the Temp folder in Windows…
C:\Documents and Settings\vvoois\Local Settings\Temp\Renoise-#####\Renoise_TmpPath-0-0
(where #### is a number)

The format is not entirely XML, but it can still be read by a 3rd party application.
Write some XML parser to display a list of actions that can be undone/redone and perhaps combined with AutoIT3 to cast to send ctrl-z / y keycombo’s to perform the undo sequence.