Move 'groove Settings' To Master Track Dsps?

Long has this lovely ‘Groove Settings’ been a hermit in ‘Song Settings’! Isn’t it time to move it to master track DSPs as it affects the whole song? And maybe it would also be a solution for its beeing controled via automation?

Oh, yes!


Groove [as it currently stands] is not a DSP: leave it out of the DSP chain.

Hmm… let’s see a tempo metadevice. Yeah. Channel an LFO into that baby and you have groove and much much more.



If this could be automated then yes +1

What does 1% or 100% groove setting mean anyway…?

I don’t think that would cause any problems if added to master track’s chain, DC Filter and Soft Clipping has been added there too (of course they can be considered DSPs).

Maybe this little graphic will help…

In other words, a groove of 25% means the first note will be extended to 125%, while the 2nd note is shortened to 75% and is triggered with a 25% delay, creating the groove/swing.

Technically speaking, a 100% groove should mean that the 2nd note never actually gets triggered at all, but this is not the case in Renoise. Some software does it this way, other software does it other ways, it’s kind of a personal preference thing with the developers I guess… and 100% groove is useless afterall.


Thanks a lot, dblue :D

At least now I know what I’m doing.



it would be cool if groove could be “stretched”: when you’re tracking with higher resolution it isn’t really usable, so you have to use pattern fx to change the song speed, which in turn messes up beat synced samples :(

Come ON dude you KNOW my tempo metadevice with LFO channeled into it would handle high speed values without a problem ^_~

I support the idea very strongly!!!

+1 tempo metadevice

+1 strongly.

Yeah, it is a CREATIVE element, rather than something which is just a basic static setting, so it should be somewhere more accessible.

How about SUPER PIMPING it and giving it a tab next to the instrument editor tab?

havent never ever understood the point ov thee groove settings…cos im type ov guy who wants everything be under ov my fingers…so i have just simply used
F1XX commamd and for smooth/slight groove F0XX.

or simply i have just ‘wrote’ into pattern editor these grooves with 0D0X command aside right notes…

with this way you can create more complex grooves & variations than groove settings can offer you…totally useless for me

and with this setup…yu can all the time control thee gr00v3…


It’s actually very useful to “humanize” tracks at higher resolution, like orchestral stuff at 300/400bpm,
especially at 3/4, gets better accents. Especially now I know what the groove setting DOES.
The F1XX and F0XX don’t work on high resolution bpm and is therefore useless to me.

Just to give you the opposite perspective: for hip hop it makes a LOT of sense to have one “groove” for the whole song, and it’s a major drag to have to implement that manually. Breaks are a different matter of course, but you could still do these by hand.

+1 for super advanced groove shizzle!

  • not four sliders, but N
  • not one setting, but several presets
  • switching/morping between presets