Move Pattern Position While Playing

In FT2 while playing if I jump to next pattern position, tracker continue playing this pattern at 00 row.

Here in Renoise for example if while playing you go on row 27 and jump to another pattern, this new pattern continue playing form row 28 instead of row 00.

Exist any way to enable it (jump to other pattern and plat it from row 00)?

I never have seen this feature in any FT2 tracker clone… Its this an Impulse Tracker feature?

Thanks in advance for your replys

Not that I know of, but there really should be an assignable key for this for those who want it.

The good thing with the current way of changing patterns is that you never lose beat. I.e. you can play around live and changing patterns and it will still sound good.

as long as you keep a steady beat, that is! ;) :D

Well my point was that it’s a hell of a lot easier with the patterns changing to the current position instead of jumping to row 00. Now if you change patterns two rows early you’ll probably not hear the difference - while the other way around as Kmuland requested, you have to change patterns at the exact right row to keep the beat.

yep… and guess what… I agree with you that it’s the best solution…
nonetheless, you still have to keep the same signature aswell as beatcount for it to work proper…
What I mean is something like This