Move Selected Area In Subticks With Mouse

It’s possible to move selected area by dragging it with mouse, but possibility to move area in subticks instead of ticks would be cool.

Put cursor to note, hold ALT and drag with left mouse button - note moves in subticks instead of ticks, do the same but hold right mouse and note will move 10 subticks at a time. Would be awesome!

What area are you talking about?

Maybe he wants to be able to scroll through the delay effect command first before moving the selection to the next line. So non-relative selection movement I think.

He is also speaking of “moving areas in ticks” which isn’t possible there so hence my question.

I put that down to incorrect terminology. Take Tick=Line and Sub_Tick=Delay_Division in the original post and it makes sense…

I would assume he means within the Pattern Editor as you can already do so with Automation and that is the only other area this would really apply.

Yes, my bad. Kazakore is correct, I meant lines instead of ticks.

Anyway - grab bunch of notes and move them with mouse in the pattern editor and instead of moving line at a time they would move only fraction of line, which means delay column value change.

So moving the selection above would create sort of like the equivalent of negative delays, ideal for wonky grooves? +1 :drummer:

+1, though I would rather see notes drawn between lines instead of somewhat cryptic delay column values.

By “selected area” I’m assuming he means block selection in the pattern editor?
+1, but as long as the move/drag is done with a modifier key like sauil described.
Less wear on the ctrl and z keys on ppl’s keyboards for accidental movements… especially those on laptops with touchpads.