Move This, Move That

Hi all!

Vintage 70s vibes, now-ish instruments, brainwashed lyrics - here is disco!
Please don’t forget to wear sunglasses when hearing. ;)
Hope, you’ll enjoy listening!

Surprised to read no responses…
It’s really cool stuff! Not sure if i should classify it under 70’s vintage. Sounds more like (early) 80’s vintage.

Thanks vV, so I guess, I have at least one play on SC… :lol:


I like it, although disco(ish) stuff isn’t really my cup of tea.

I would have called the tempo a little fast for typical disco. What is that, 130bpm? Dredging up memories from all those decades ago, I’m fairly sure most disco was at a more moderate tempo. Dance music only started picking up speed about a decade later, if I remember correctly.

Thanks, and you’re right, it is pretty quick (even 140bpm)…


I reposted this one on facebook, at least one of my friends gave it a thumbs up so that should be 2 plays at least

I like it, but the intro puts me off a bit, everything else sounds so much sweeter than the intro. :walkman:

Two plays ?
I am beautiful and famous now. :badteeth:



when would you say, begins “everything else” ? Would you simply cut out any introducing part ?

Thx & Greetings, :)

I would rather change the synth sounds and probably use less enhancement effects on the master during the intro, untill the beats kick in.

Nice vocoder! :)

I liked it, but yes, it feels too fast to me also, almost “rushed”. Well done, though, made me feel old right away. ;)

You feel that track is too quick to… I guess I gotta find the brakes…
Find the brakes… ;)

Thanks all for your positive replies!