Move Tools into a Panel

Maybe there is a good reason to not do this, but I would find it good if tools would be in the side panel on the right instead of windows, to better integrate them into Renoise. I would imagine the Panel would be scrollable depending on how many tools you have loaded and it would be able to pin tools to the top, and have a launch in window button if they need that.

I would agree if a tool can only add one button (would mostly be used to show its interface). Otherwise you will have scripters spamming the section with various buttons.

Main reason I would wish to see them in a panel is that the editor won’t lose focus. Right now if you use a tool like ChordGun, once you clicked a chord you can’t hit up or down to move in the editor because the tool window is in focus and so you have to click into the editor window every time to gain focus again, same with xstream and other tools.

If they would live in a panel, it would make tools like that feel much more integrated and accessible.


I would suggest each tool gets one button, which can be a menu of whatever depth. Otherwise, cesspit.

Huh, why only one button then? If a tool would spam the toolbar, don’t use it. Would be nice to able to add other controls to the adv. edit section.