Moveable Post Gain

If you adjust post gain in the mixer view, it has no effect if you have a muted source send device before it. If the post gain would be moveable in the device chain, then you could move it before send device and adjust the volume in the mixer view. This would make mixing more efficient because you could set all volumes in the mixer view. Of course it wouldn’t be called post gain anymore because you could move it anywhere in the chain. I know I could add another gain device before the send, but couldn’t use those sliders on the bottom of the screen.

Another slightly unrelated suggestion involving the post gain fader would be to have it floating constantly at the right side of the screen. This means it would graphically appear independent of the rest of the DSP chain (the way it should be considered too, as it is not strictly a DSP)

At the moment we have to scroll right to the end of the DSP chain, which can be a quite lengthy process, just to turn the volume down (if we are not currently in Mixer view)

make it slim and shiny :D

Haha. Yeah, I think my ideas is a good one!

Yea, I think it is not a bad one. :D

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