Moving A Note Or Selection Without The Mouse

So I haven’t been able to find a way to do this in the manual, I’m hoping I just over looked it. I just want to be able to highlight a note or group of notes and move them (the same as you would with the mouse) using the keyboard instead. This would improve my workflow 10x.

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I’d say the procedure you’re after is just the simple Cut-Paste (CMD-X, CMD-V).

The only tricky part is making the selection. There are several shortcuts for selecting much used ranges, but you can get pretty close to mouse action by moving to the selection area top left corner and press CMD-B (Begin selection), and then move to the bottom right corner of your selection and press CMD-E (End selection). You should then have a highlighted selection -> you can just CMD-X, navigate to the pasting place, and CMD-V.

I think for some occasions there are more efficient methods too. These deal with the “Insert row” and “Delete current row”, “Delete previous row” keyboard shortcuts. For example to move a single note on one (single column) track one line forward, you would move the cursor before the note, check that you’re in edit mode, hit your “Insert row”- shortcut, and if there are notes after the one note to move, navigate to an empty spot after the note and hit your “Delete row” shortcut.

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my way to do it is the following:

LCTRL+B to mark the beginning of the selection
LCRTL+E to mark the end of the selection

LALT+F3 cuts the selection
LALT+F5 pastes the selection


I also use the Rotate tool a lot for this, although I do use the mouse and keyboard both with that

There was tool which would add shortcut of your choice to the menu, and then using these , one could move the selection down/up in lines. I am trying to find it atm

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