Moving From Top To Bottom Of A Pattern

I used to be able to use page up and page down (or Fn+up and Fn+down on my macbook) and it would stop at the top or bottom of a pattern.
Since upgrading it now continues seemlessly to the next pattern, which I actually find annoying when trying to copy patterns.

How would one do this in the new versions?

You need to disable Pattern Wrap.

It’s the second icon in the Pattern Editor Control Panel.

For what it’s worth, you can also simply hit the End key to jump to the end of the pattern. Similarly, Home will jump to the top. (On a Macbook, I believe these are Fn+Right and Fn+Left respectively, but I’m not 100% certain)

There has never been a mode where it stops at top and bottom once you reach them. Either you will continuously scroll around the same pattern, going from end to start and start to end, or you will continuously scroll through the entire song, changing pattern at start/end until you get to the very beginning or end of the song.

There has quite recently been a request for a mode which stops on the first/last line when scrolling or entering data though…

Thanks, this is what I needed. I guess I was too lazy to RTFM.

The disabled pattern wrap mode is that mode. It only stops at top/bottom when using pageup/down or with the Fn keys.

Have you tried it with more than one pattern in your sequence?

Have you? :)

It works just fine. I tested it earlier before posting.

When using Arrow Up/Down it will wrap around the pattern, as you’ve already said.

But when using PageUp/Down it will actually stop at the pattern boundaries when the Pattern Wrap mode is disabled.

Caught and busted! At least note entry still goes all the way around so don’t see this change catching myself out too often :)