Moving note trigger with arrows on keyboard?

Hey everyone! no0b here. :slight_smile:

I was looking around and tried various key combos but I am not sure if there is a feature to move the notes around the track with the arrow keys not just the cursor.

The other question I have is if I have notes spread across 5 tracks or something like that for the same instrument, is there a feature to collapse those as much as possible without overwriting other notes?

Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you!

about moving notes - i’m used to command(ctrl on win/linux) + X (cut) and command + v paste afterwards. and i’m not aware if there is such feature. I’m also interested. For the other question i have no idea

Still nothing on this? Surly an editor so text based would be able to move notes around without a mouse?

there is tool that i’ve downloaded meanwhile called either, com.renoise.nudge or .com.renoise.SuperNudge which lets you bind “selected note movement” and/or nudging the note by delay values, which does exactly what we were looking for

I find the selection and clipboard operations to be quite usable for moving things around. You can also select and mouse-drag to move.

If you have a very specific editing need that isn’t available natively, have a look at the Lua API. If you’re very clear on what needs to happen, you can probably write a few lines of code to do it. Example tools that do something similar to what you need can help you on your way.

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