Moving Renoise VSTs To A New PC

Wondering if anyone can help?

I have updated my Windows 10 64 bit music computer to a new more powerful machine. I have installed Renoise 3.3 on the new machine and copied the VST folders from the old machine to the new one in the same folder locations to where they are on the old machine. Then, I have copied the user/app data/ roaming/Renoise folder from the old computer to the new computer. I run Renoise and all the plugins show up the same as the other machine. Some work, but some are requiring a re-install. However, some of these plug-ins are old and I no longer can find the activation or serial for them. Does anyone know of a way of transferring the plug-ins over to? Or I am stuck with having to shell out to buy them again?


For the plugins that don’t work and are bought; can’t you access the plugin websites and log in to dl latest version and install again, perhaps contact the creators through mail? Besides the .dll’s that are in the vst(i) folders, sometime plugins need to have extra installed content for them to work / license key files, registry entries etc. Simply moving over the content from the vst folders isn’t enough.

Think that’s probably my only option. However, I have had little success with some of these companies in the past. I was hoping there was a way to copy the additional data over too.

Did you copy over all of the user/app data/ and roaming folders?

Yep, the whole thing from the other computer.

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You have to reinstall many plugins because of registry key…

If you are very interested in music,you can buy an Ilok key…Very interesting investment
For “Waves” plugins and ‘Plugin alliance’,you can associate their plugins with a basic USB storage…

The benefit is that your licenses don’t depend of your computer,but of a peripheral

Managed to sort it - it seems that most of the free plug-ins that just require a DLL work as normal, but anything with a license key needs a re-install. I spoke to a few companies and they found my license key and sent me them, so it’s all good. Now I will keep them safe.


You learn the lesson

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